2021 International Conference on Civil Engineering , Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering
Prof. Haitao Li


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Prof. Haitao Li
Nanjing Forestry University, China


Axial compressive performance of laminated bamboo column with aramid fiber reinforced polymer


This paper presents test results obtained from an experimental investigation to check the feasibility of reinforcing laminated bamboo columns by using aramid fiber reinforced polymer (AFRP) composites and to examine the effect of slenderness ratio on AFRP reinforced columns. Eighteen full-scale columns were grouped into 6 slenderness categories including 3 specimens without AFRP reinforcements. Obtained results were used to study the effect of AFRP on failure modes, ultimate load carrying capacities and displacements for columns with carrying slenderness ratios. The use of AFRP reinforcements had obvious effects on failure modes. Existing relevant analytical models were used to check their suitability in predicting compression resistance of the considered columns but obtained comparisons showed significant room for improvement. Two equations are proposed herein, based on experimental evidence, to predicted the ultimate load carrying capacity of AFRP reinforced laminated bamboo columns. The proposed equations showed good agreement with test results.

Research Area:

Biomass composite building materials and structures;Composite structure; Engineering earthquake resistance and disaster prevention and reduction; Basic theory of concrete and masonry structure;Structural inspection and reinforcement

Research Experience:

He is mainly researching on Bio-composite Building Materials and Structures. He has published more than 100 papers and authorized more than 60 patents. He has won more than 8 scientific awards as the principle investigator. He has worked as the project leader for more than 20 research grants including the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has wrote 3 books as the chief editor and is working as the project leader for four standards including one ISO standard.

He works as INBAR Construction Task Force Key Expert, ISO TC165 timber structure committee, member of a council of Civil Engineering Composite Materials Branch, China Composite Materials Society, Key Expert of Engineering Bamboo Materials Branch Committee, China Wood Protection Industry Association and so on. He is the co-chair of World Symposium on Sustainable Bio-composite Materials and Structures (SBMS) and International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering and Materials (ACEM). He also works as the editor or reviewer for more than 20 SCI journals.